It feels silly to type out another story of a young girl from the suburbs getting "bitten by the bug," singing to the Spice Girls with a hairbrush, and buying her first pair of tap shoes...

Life is beautiful, and its ugly. And its sad and funny and dark, and it'll piss you off and make you cry but the sun still rises the next day. I think people are in need of a little humanity sometimes...a weightless breath of fresh air to help us persevereThat is why I make art.

My artistic career has been a little chaotic. I started musically training at a very young age in voice, guitar and piano. As I hit adolescence, I transitioned to acting, then to media art, then back to acting, and I have been performing ever since. My senior year at university, I took a liking to directing and was given the opportunity to direct a studio production of Heights, by Amy Fox and assistant direct the main stage’s production of Corneille's The Liar, adapted by David Ives. 

Since moving back to New York, I have been fortunate enough to assistant-direct, act, and sing professionally. When I am not in the theater, I am usually working with animals, painting, experimenting with cosmetology, or playing socially distant Dungeons and Dragons.




-Chaotic Good

-"Aggressively Motivational" (real testimonial)

-Lover of Fluffy Creatures 

-Kind of funny sometimes