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My artistic career has always been a little chaotic. At a young age, I found art to be the most cathartic way of expressing myself. I started training at a very young age in voice, guitar and piano. As I hit adolescence, I transitioned to acting, then to media art, then back to acting. Along the way, I realized I absolutely loved to make people laugh, and I have been performing ever since. My senior year at university, I took a liking to directing and was given the opportunity to direct a studio production of Heights, by Amy Fox and assistant direct the main stage’s production of Corneille's The Liar, adapted by David Ives. 

Since moving back to New York, I have been fortunate enough to act, sing, assistant-direct, and entertain professionally. When I am not in the theater, I am usually exploring the city with my dog Loki, painting, experimenting with makeup and cosmetology.




-Chaotic Good

-"Aggressively Motivational" (real testimonial)

-Lover of Fluffy Creatures 

-Fun to laugh at and with

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